This is electrochemistry, not rocket science: get the metal from the solution to the cathode with a uniform thickness. Theoretically, plating can be done right in one try, not ten. But, you have thousands of nasty variables to contend with. What we've done is eliminate many of those variables, and found ways to control others. We focused mainly on where the actual plating occurs: the interface's boundary layer. And, with a little innovation, we mastered it.

How? ECSI Fibrotools's proprietary FIBRotools™ (Fiber-Initiated Boundary-layer Removal) process utilizes a unique fibrilic applicator to agitate and effectively reduce the boundary layer by up to 90%. The process control extends to the interface. You achieve uniformity, like clockwork. Simple. Practical. Repeatable.

Unmatched Versatility

Nowadays micro and nano features are the main building blocks responsible for the explosion of modern technology. The limitless variety of the features and ambitious R&D efforts often require a multidisciplinary approach to micro and nano structure design and fabrication. With an exceptional flexibility and adaptability to process modification, FIBRotools™ can be employed in a wide variety of thin and thick film electroplating conditions and parameters. As a result, FIBRotools™ enable numerous processes for uniform, reproducible, precision micro and nano structure design, fabrication and testing over 2” to 8” substrates. Based on its proven FIBRotools™ technology, ElectroChemical Systems, Inc. (ECSI Fibrotools) is now offering:

  • Fast track scale-up development from chips and 2” substrates to 8” substrates of various shapes and thickness
  • Silicone seedless electroplating
  • Electroplating under magnetic field
  • Electroplating with laser
  • Electroplating under ultrasound
  • Electroplating with a combination of selected spot laser exposure
  • Electroplating in a combination of magnetic field and laser
  • Combination of seedless electroplating under magnetic field
  • Electrophoresis of organic and inorganic matter


The versatility of FIBRotools™ technology makes IKo™ Electroplating Systems suitable for a wide range of thin and thick film applications. For even more specific examples, visit our FAQ.

Uniform and Reproducible Electroplating
  • Uniform electroplating of patterned or plain substrates in the nanometer to 100 plus micron range
  • Fast track scale-up development from chips and 2” substrates to 8” substrates of various shapes and thickness
  • MEMS, NEMS, and Nanostrutures
  • Nanowire R&D
  • Precision electroplating of alloys
Micro- and Nanoscale Silicone Modification
  • Seedless electroplating
  • Ferroelectric embodiment
  • Optoelectronic effects
  • Photonics effects
  • Solar cells optimization
Electroforming Molds for Micro- and Nano-embossing
  • Disposable Bio-chips / Bio-MEMs
  • Micro- and nano-fluidics
  • Microsensors
  • Multi-phase flow R&D
Magnetic Alloy Deposition
  • CoFe and CoNi Fe
  • With or w/o magnetic field
Biomedical Research
  • Bio-NANO interface development
  • Nanowire combination with electrophoresis
  • Retinal implants
Micro- and Nanorobotics
  • Untethered mobile microrobots (video)
Flexible Electronics
  • Deformable mirror (see picture above)

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