15µ Cu interconnects on
silicon electroformed with  ECSI's Fibroplate™ IKo™
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Meet the IKo™ Electroplating System

ECSI Fibrotools's IKo™ FIBRotools™ are designed for pure practicality. Simply put, they use ECSI Fibrotools proprietary FIBRoplate™ technology to consistently electroplate uniform high-resolution interconnects and fine metallic features on substrates and wafers. The ideal tools for electroplating microelectromechanical systems MEMS, NEMS and High Density Interconnects under controlled hydrodynamic conditions. Nothing fancy. We made them reliable, not pretty.

Watch the video below to see ECSI Fibrotools founder Dr. Igor Kadija demonstrate the user-friendly features of IKo™ systems:


IKo™ Models

The base model powerhouse
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1 Gal 4" Wafer Plater
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A slim version of the classic
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A self-contained plating system
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Same system, more options
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Allows multiple plating options
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add on options
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