Let's face it, nobody spends enough on R&D. We're not about to change that. But we can help stretch your R&D dollar, in more ways than one.

IKo™ is quite affordable but don't let the price fool you. IKo™ Jr. and IKo™ CLASSIC performs as well as, if not better than, any fancy cup electroplater on the market. Moreover, limited electroplating experience will not slow you down with IKo™ at hand.

IKo™ Jr. and IKo™ CLASSIC are economical to own. For up to 4" and 8" substrate plating capability, respectively, they use fewer chemicals than any other MEMS/NANO electroplater. Plus, they are very simple to service.

Most importantly, FIBRotools™ work. So, you don't have to waste expensive wafers, trying to get the things to plate right. That's time, money and design back in your R&D pocket.

You can order an IKo™ Jr. or an IKo™ CLASSIC today, if you like. Simply contact us at info@fibrotools.com. We'll ship your equipment to you, complete with a manual and sufficient training and guidance to ensure product performance.

With every purchase, you will also have the option to receive free of charge, travel R&B paid by the customer, on site training in the "know how" of electroplating, quality control and solution maintenance ­ especially pertaining to MEMS, NANO structures and High Density Interconnects. Combined with our advanced electroplating equipment, this knowledge gives ECSI's customers exceptional process control and a competitive advantage.