ECSI Fibrotools (ElectroChemical Systems, Inc.) makes tools that work. We design, build and supply practical, precise, wet processing equipment for micromachine and nano-features R&D and manufacturing. FIBRotools™ -- FIBRoplate™, FIBRomill™, FIBRoclean™, FIBRograph™ and FIBRobuff™ -- are ideally suited for semiconductor, MEMS and advanced electronic packaging markets.

Flexible and adaptable to many different process configurations, FiBRotools™ enables fast track R&D in design advancements of a wide variety of MEMS, NANO, and HDI devices. Click here to find out more about our products and add-on options.

Our objective is to make wet processing easy. We liberate our customers from the relative haphazardness of conventional systems.

What enables us to do this is our proprietary FiBRotools™ -- Fiber-Initiated Boundary-layer Removal -- technology. FiBRotools™ is based on discoveries by our founder and CEO, Igor V. Kadija, in the physicochemical hydrodynamics of wet processing. FiBRotools™ is covered by three U.S. Patents with worldwide patent coverage.

Dr. Igor V. Kadija has spent 30 years in the highly specialized fields of electrochemistry and physicochemical hydrodynamics. He now brings their relevant applications to the manufacturing of semiconductors, MEMS and HDI-PCBs.

Author of numerous articles and presentations and over 60 U.S. and foreign patents. Founded ECSI in 1989.

As the individual with the best first-hand insight and understanding of wet processing of fine features, Dr. Kadija works closely with clients to ensure the best product fit and the highest level of FIBRotools productivity.

Contact info:
Dr. Igor V. Kadija, CEO
ECSI FIBRotools Inc.